Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Hat!

In this blog posting I have to show off my little sister's craftiness!  I got a special Christmas present.

I needed a black hat that covered my ears.  It's cold outside!

The flower is removable!  My sister is making me more flowers in different 
colors, so I can match the outfit I am wearing at the time.

And you all know how I love a little bling, so she used a rhinestone for the button.
She knows me well! 

She has another one in the works for my birthday.  
And, I can't wait to show you the hat she made for my baby girl!


Christmas Shoes

Merry Christmas!  Experimenting with baby shoes, I had to make a pair for my little girl for Christmas.  She turned one on Christmas eve ;0)    I had to tweak the pattern because my fabrics wouldn't work the way the pattern said they were supposed to...but I think they turned out pretty good.  They matched her Christmas dress of course.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby Shoes

At this point I'm making Christmas presents and I don't want to ruin the surprise.  BUT!  I am doing a few things as I go...

A friend of mine sent me a link to this lady who sells baby shoe patterns.  I bought 3 of them and have tried one so far.  My little girl is quite the walker and our wood floors are very cold, so I made fleece slippers for her!

FIRST was the prototype...

It's reversible of course because I like everything to be complicated!

I tried it ballerina style first because it looked so sweet, 
but it absolutely would not stay on her foot.

So I added straps onto them instead, but it only 
keeps them on when she's walking.  If she crawls or sits her 
little toes wiggle them right off.  I'm at a loss!

I think I'm going to try the next size down and see what happens.

Baby feet are sooooooo sweet!!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Stitching and Life Done Right

Many of you will agree that if the top stitching looks bad, so does everything else!  MAN!  You do all that work, and then in the last few minutes of what you hope will be complete victory, something ALWAYS goes wrong!!  I, of course having stupid high standards for my self, like to make sure that the top stitching is also in a contrasting/complimentary color.  I don't mean to make life difficult on purpose.  It's just what I like!

Now remember I am still new at all this.  If my brain goes into overload and my eyes glaze over as I'm reading a 'how to'...I'm not going to use that tip.  So here are some tips that I have researched and actually understand:

1. Use a longer stitch length.  Tried it, and yes it helps!

2. Slow down.  Tried it, and yes it helps!!

3. Use the actual presser food as your guide, not the measurement lines on the plate.  
      Tried it, and yes it helps!!!

4. Trim everything as much as you can before folding it right side out and then press it.
      Tried it, and yes it helps!!!!

One thing that I have discovered for myself is that the type of fabric, thread, and needle combo makes a BIG difference.  Can't help you with that one, but I'm sure someone on the internet can :0)  I do practice runs with the fabric many times before I get it just the way I want it.  Even then, no one is perfect. 

This got me thinking (like usual) about life.  How much better would life be if we took it in stride (used a longer stitch length), slowed down, used God (our presser foot) as our guide and not the world (the measurement lines on the plate), and trimmed all the excess.  HA!  Sounds so simple, but even at the sewing machine...application is not as easy as it seems.  So take out your manual again (the B-I-B-L-E) and find the right combination you need to get it done right.

Happy Sewing!  TTYL!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fraternal Twins

As promised: my 2 new bags.  So these guys are similar yet not quite the same.  It's been interesting using the same pattern with different types of fabrics.  They all end up doing something different than the last, and obviously I have to adjust accordingly.  It's like they each have their own personality!  Who'd a thunk?!?!

We'll go with our teal beauty first...

The handle on this one ended up being very sturdy, but because of how thick it all turned out I couldn't put a button hole in it.  I had to sew the straps on instead. Not what I wanted, but still looks nice.

The fabric does have a shimmer to it!  It was actually in the indoor/outdoor fabric section.  I'm thinking it should hold up nicely even though it looks otherwise.

A white inside and teal paisley cell phone pocket.

Now for our fun red sister...

I love this red corduroy!  It's soft and fuzzy :0)  It also makes a great pop of color against the white and red paisley fabric. 

This one cooperated with the button holes, so they are functional!  
I also think the flower button is too cute!

And on this one I put the red fabric on the outside 
and the paisley on the inside of the strap.

Hope you liked the twins!  They are already bought ;0)

If you liked one of these and would like one for yourself 
just shoot me a message on my contact me page.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yesterday's report

We got up to 90 hits yesterday!  So close, but I won't complain ;0)  I will have two bags to post next week, and I'm excited to try for the 100 again.  Have a great weekend!


Thanksgiving Wishes

Thanksgiving begins today at the Leja house with preparations and busyness to get ready for tomorrow, just like many of you.  Be sure to step away from all the stuff and reflect on all the blessings God has given you as you celebrate with your family and friends.  Make it a deliberate attempt to sew a new tradition in your home-quilt of thanks and praise.

This year, in our family quilt, we have a square for a new birthday in our home, potty training success, new wonderful friends, lessons learned, loving extended family, an exciting stage performance, the realization of a new talent and the start of a new business for me.  I know there is so much more and I take all these things for granted.

Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Celebrate and give thanks this weekend.  Talk to you on Monday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hooter Hider

So, one of my friends was blessed with her baby 3 weeks early.  Needless to say it caught us all by surprise.  Everyone is doing great!

I had planned to make her a hooter hider, but hadn't gotten to it yet.  Time to buckle in and go for it.  I've never made one before, but I knew it needed to be special.  My friend is a classy lady with a beautiful personality, and it needed to match that.

I love things being quilted.  
I also think this will help keep them both a little warmer this winter!

The strap has a small snap to the right for ease of putting it over the neck.

The boning in the neck is a little more flexible than I have found in most hooter hiders.  I'm hoping this will allow her to to have it open as shown in this picture so she she can watch while she feeds, or collapse it for extra privacy when needed.

Dimensions ended up being about 20x32.

I do have enough fabric to make one more.  First come first serve.

$20 w/free shipping.

As always, I welcome your comments :0)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Those Bloggers!

Unfortunately I can't get any pictures to download this evening.  The web must be teaming with people anxiously loading their pictures onto their blogs.  Bloggers are so funny.  They think everyone wants to hear everything they think, know everything they do, and see everything they see.  Oh wait, I'm a blogger too ;0)

I was successful in making a hooter hider for my friend today, so as long as my blogspot cooperates I'll post it in the morning.  I quilted it and everything!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

November "Bagging"

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. It's been quite the month and I still have lots of sewing to do before Christmas! I'm laying in bed sick this evening, but I'm excited to let you know I have another bag I can post for your viewing pleasure. I'm super excited because it's my best one so far. I tweaked my pattern just a touch and I am really pleased with the results! Tomorrow will be picture day and I'll get it posted asap. I'm also making a hooter hider for a friend. I'll get that posted too :0). Rest well tonight and I'll tall to you all tomorrow.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Love Note

This blog doesn't have much to do with sewing, but you all know how much I LOVE colors and textures.  Fall and spring are my favorite times of year for these reasons!  God's creation just screams of his beauty and creativity.  This morning my family decided to go on a wonderful nature trail a short drive from our home.  I packed us a lunch and some extra wind breakers, we loaded up the kids and off we went.  The trail was BEAUTIFUL!  The sun warming us between the tree's, the water sparkling as it danced.  I felt my spiritual tank being filled as we drank up the scene.  It was just beautiful.

As we walked along, my son enjoys picking up rocks and leaves as we go and I began to think it would be fun to collect some of these fabulous fall leaves and press them.  I could let him help me decorate with them for thanksgiving.  So as we walk along I spot the most perfect red maple leaf I have ever seen laying on the ground before me.  "WOW!  That one is a keeper!" I thought to myself.  An amazing fire red, no spots or tears, and it still felt soft like it had just fallen from the tree.  (An important note to this story is that my son was holding all of our finds in his dump truck that he was pushing.)

We continued on adding new shapes and colors to our collection as we went.  About a half mile later we come up on a bridge and stop to feed the turtles (that we couldn't find, but it was still fun to throw the bread into the water).  Next thing I know, my son grabs a leaf from our collection and throws one over the bridge and squeals with laughter as he watches it slowly float to the lake below.  My heart sinks!  My red maple leaf, it's my red maple leaf!  I look over the edge, my heart broken, and then grab the rest of the leaves before they meet the same fate.  I'm still sad as I recall this to you!  WHY!?!?  It's just a leaf?!?!

It may be just a leaf to many, but the Lord knows my heart.  He knows what what I love, what catches my eye.  He knows how to make me feel beautiful and special.  I feel like God gave me a love note on our walk.  It wasn't until after it was gone that I realized it.  We searched and searched for another one, but alas, none were as amazing as my love note now gently dancing on the lake below.  Wow God!  It was made just for me :)

Spiritually, I have my good days and bad days like so many people in this world.  I don't write this flaunting about a special love note to me, but wondering what love note have you received lately?  It will be unique.  Just for you.  And nothing else can compare.  

If you feel like you can share, please tell us about your love note you received recently. I hope this helps fill your spiritual tank too!


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Welcome to my new blog!  Thank you for your patience, it's been a long few weeks at the Leja house.  The big difference is my new name.  You can also see my newly designed tag off to the right.  I did that one myself.

Let me know if something on my blog doesn't work correctly, or if you think of anything I should add.  AND AS PROMISED!  My new bag is in the blog below.  

Shoot me a note and make sure you hit "Follow this blog!"  


Ms Allison

My teacher canvas bag inspired by my teacher friend!  My machine gave me some issues with this one, so I'll need to do it a little differently next time I make one, but over all I'm happy with how it turned out :)

Canvas outside with dark brown suede handles, 
and I know you love this flower fabric I found!! 

     I made my own tag!

Inside pockets total 6, including her cell phone pocket.

A firm removable suede bottom.  Makes the inside look really nice :)

Of course you get a me shot so you can see how big it is.  I forgot to measure it before I gave it to its owner...sorry!

Hope you like it.  Let me know what you think.  TTYL!