Monday, February 7, 2011

Ms Kristen

Happy Birthday to my fabulous sister-in-law!  A freshman at University of Miami.

I hope you love it!

One outside pocket with snap

Inside lined with the bow fabric

7'' zip.  And it matched perfectly!!!

Inside lined with the bow fabric

3 card pockets.  I'm really proud of these!

It's pretty hard to take pictures of yourself holding a bag...

This turned out so great!

The final measurements ended up being 7'' x 4.5''.  I made my own pattern a usual, but I will admit to seeing a bow on a bag somewhere before (no, I don't know where).  I am creative, but props to the one who did this first.  It's too cute!

As usual, shoot me a note if you want one.  Post your comments!


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  1. Oh Jen, that is awesome! I'm sure Kristen loves it. Great job. Your attention to detail is incredible. (and I love the color combo!) Top notch!