Saturday, May 21, 2011


My husband made a UTube video for me!  It was fun.  I hope you enjoy it!

Facebook Passes 50!


Hello Again!

It was just recently brought to my attention that my blog is important to those of you who have no Facebook page.  I apologize for my neglect.  There has been much going on in the Leja house, including the creation of many new bags!!  My husband and I also just got back from New York, NY!  I have many new ideas and I did get a really fun new fabric as well.  I'll be working on updating this site as I go.  

I hope you enjoy some of the new photo's and links I added to my Bags For Sale page.  There's still more...


Saturday, March 19, 2011


To let those of you know who periodically peruse my blog I have begun a facebook page.  It's been great!  I love that it's easy for you guys to interact with me, send me notes, "like" and make comments on pictures.  I can also make photo albums so it's easier for you to look through my work.  Check it out.  LIKE my page!  Hope to see you on there soon.  I have an unveiling on Monday.

FB Page: JLeja Handmade Designs


Monday, February 7, 2011

Ms Kristen

Happy Birthday to my fabulous sister-in-law!  A freshman at University of Miami.

I hope you love it!

One outside pocket with snap

Inside lined with the bow fabric

7'' zip.  And it matched perfectly!!!

Inside lined with the bow fabric

3 card pockets.  I'm really proud of these!

It's pretty hard to take pictures of yourself holding a bag...

This turned out so great!

The final measurements ended up being 7'' x 4.5''.  I made my own pattern a usual, but I will admit to seeing a bow on a bag somewhere before (no, I don't know where).  I am creative, but props to the one who did this first.  It's too cute!

As usual, shoot me a note if you want one.  Post your comments!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hiding Hooters yet again!

This one is slightly different than the last.  Can't wait to give it to it's mama!

I used the same top fabric as the last one, but I used some pale green flannel for lining the inside this time.  Nice and snugly!

37'' x 24'' with a 19'' neck strap

1/2'' quilting!

I now have a new understanding and respect for the pricing of quilts!!

And this is a really great snap!  I wish I had these for my last one.

I hope you love it!

Shoot me a line if you must have one ;)
I'd love your comments and or suggestions.


Monday, January 3, 2011

MY 10th BAG!!!

My 10th bag was a birthday present for my little sister.  Being a huge Gator fan, as most of my family is (don't be a hater!), I had to make it with some collegiate flare.  Just imagine it in your favorite college colors, that should help!

If you've been following my other bags you will note some slight differences:

No to pleating, and yes to quilting.

I did a little color switcheroo...

I did orange top stitching on the blue...

and blue top stitching on the orange!

And this is by far my best pocket eva!

My sister is a bit of a mess, so I had to 
help her keep everything inside of her bag.
Magnetic snap!

I always wash the fabric before I make the bag.
These are a soft denim, so when I pulled them out
of the dryer they had this "I've already been worn" look.
Not what I was planning on, but it still looked great!

Hope you like it!  Post comments!
(No Gator hater notes please!)



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! No Resolutions for ME!

So what's your new years resolution?!?  It's the talk of the town around this time of year.  My hubby and I actually swore off making resolutions.  We figure: "If it isn't a good enough goal to make and keep at any point in life, why should we save it for new years?"  Personally, I think that it's not just about adding to your life, but about simplifying.  Life is too complicated and WE make it that way!  So what can I take out of life to make it better?  Maybe throw away that pair of shoes that ALWAYS hurts my feet.  Maybe donate that ugly Christmas sweater so someone else can get the strange looks when it gets cold out.  OR ~  How about NOT making a new years resolution this year.  Make goals, break goals, achieve goals, forget goals, change's all a part of life.  Use a longer stitch and take it slow! (check out my "Top Stitching and Life Done Right" posting)  Do what you can do, when you can do it.  AND STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!  Life is too short, so just take a step back and enjoy the fabric of your day, no matter how busy it is.  

Thank you God for this year past.  All of its blessings and hardships have brought me to this place, and made me who I am today so I can be prepared for tomorrow.  You are the Master Designer!  Amen

Make it great one you guys!