Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! No Resolutions for ME!

So what's your new years resolution?!?  It's the talk of the town around this time of year.  My hubby and I actually swore off making resolutions.  We figure: "If it isn't a good enough goal to make and keep at any point in life, why should we save it for new years?"  Personally, I think that it's not just about adding to your life, but about simplifying.  Life is too complicated and WE make it that way!  So what can I take out of life to make it better?  Maybe throw away that pair of shoes that ALWAYS hurts my feet.  Maybe donate that ugly Christmas sweater so someone else can get the strange looks when it gets cold out.  OR ~  How about NOT making a new years resolution this year.  Make goals, break goals, achieve goals, forget goals, change's all a part of life.  Use a longer stitch and take it slow! (check out my "Top Stitching and Life Done Right" posting)  Do what you can do, when you can do it.  AND STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!  Life is too short, so just take a step back and enjoy the fabric of your day, no matter how busy it is.  

Thank you God for this year past.  All of its blessings and hardships have brought me to this place, and made me who I am today so I can be prepared for tomorrow.  You are the Master Designer!  Amen

Make it great one you guys!

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