Monday, January 3, 2011

MY 10th BAG!!!

My 10th bag was a birthday present for my little sister.  Being a huge Gator fan, as most of my family is (don't be a hater!), I had to make it with some collegiate flare.  Just imagine it in your favorite college colors, that should help!

If you've been following my other bags you will note some slight differences:

No to pleating, and yes to quilting.

I did a little color switcheroo...

I did orange top stitching on the blue...

and blue top stitching on the orange!

And this is by far my best pocket eva!

My sister is a bit of a mess, so I had to 
help her keep everything inside of her bag.
Magnetic snap!

I always wash the fabric before I make the bag.
These are a soft denim, so when I pulled them out
of the dryer they had this "I've already been worn" look.
Not what I was planning on, but it still looked great!

Hope you like it!  Post comments!
(No Gator hater notes please!)




  1. Very nice to meet you! :)
    Love the bags, very cool blog!